The Ultimate Immersive Listing Solution 25-30 HDR Wide Angle Photos (MLS) & Image Gallery

3D Property Tour including Hi-Res HDR 360° views of all rooms

Interactive and Printable Floor Plans

(Walls Only)

Room Measurements

Floor Area Calculations

Agent Information

Exposure MLS Integration

iGUIDE® Analytics

iGUIDE® Report

48 Hour Turn-around

Virtual Tour Landing Page with

embedded iGUIDE® Viewer,

Photo Gallery and Integrated

Google Maps 

up to 2000 square feet

--- EXTRAS ---

2001-3500 sq ft (add $50)

3501-4000 sq ft (add $70)

4001-4500 sq ft (add $80)

4501-5000 sq ft (add $120)

5001-5999 sq ft (add $160)

Additional fees for tours outside  of Kingston*


Intro Video 

Aerial intro video to

virtual tour

Additional fees for tours outside  of Kingston*


 detailed floor plan 

Floor plans include drawings

of bathroom fixtures, appliances etc.



in Style!

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iGuide is an innovative technology experience; created using exclusive Planitar software and camera system.
Our Photographers quickly and efficiently map a space and the data is then elegantly woven into floor plans, 360-degree virtual views, photos, room dimensions and property areas.
iGuide is a complete, immersive listing solution that offers sellers and users an incredible understanding and perception of the space

GUIDE Sells Your Home Faster & For More

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